Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2-Campbell River To Who Knows Where

This morning, we got to the fuel dock at 7AM, took on enough fuel for the next planned run plus margin and left for the Seymor Narrows slack tide at 7:30. The water was glassy smooth and the clouds were breaking up. Looked like it was going to be a great day.
Only about half an hour into the trip, we hit a solid bank of fog. (See picture.) We ran at a painful 8 knots using radar and GPS and ears attuned for anything that would run over us. The Garmin performed great! Sipped tea, and kept eyes on radar and out the window into the grey. As the current kicked up, our speed dropped and I burned too much fuel to run off plane so we picked up an anchor while we waited for the fog to burn off. God blessed us with amazing scenery as first the mountains became available and then the fog and cloud layers peeled away revealing a dead calm, flat Johnstone Strait.
While we were waiting for the fog to lift, we fished for a few minutes and caught 3 fish... Connor's was the biggest but it was not a legal fish (the Ling Cod was too small) so we had to throw it back. After dislodging a treble hook from Tanner's lower lip, we lifted anchor and ran fast again for most of the way to Port McNeill, which is getting near the north end of Vancouver Island.
At Port McNeill, we filled the fuel and water tanks, checked e-mails, and bought some groceries. From here, we're going to cruise a bit further this afternoon before taking up an anchorage somewhere this evening. We're praising God for taking us through the fog safely and for flat water. Tomorrow, we hope to cross Cape Caution, leaving at first light. We've never been this far North before. The winds are supposed to be quiet early kicking up later in the morning. Pray for a smooth crossing.
I'm not sure what lies ahead as far as internet connection so it might be a few days before I update this blog. Blessings to all.