Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pre Cruise Emotions

Only a couple of days before we leave. I'm excited and scared! I think everything is almost ready. GPS-check. Backup GPS-check. Radio-check. Backup radio-check. A gadgillion charts-check. Flares-check. EPIRB-check. Extra parts for everything-check. What am I missing? The weather here on Orcas Island has been incredible....everyday, blue skies, sunny & warm, virtually no wind. WOW! I hope and pray we get nice weather like this on our trip! There are several big crossings that we'll absolutely need nice weather to make. I've allowed extra days for holding up to wait for weather breaks. Although weather is a concern, and a big one, I'm probably more nervous about hitting logs. At times of big tide swings (about 12-14' here and up to 20' further north) the logs are everywhere. We cruise at about 30 mph, which is pretty fast for a cruising boat, so it takes constant watching to avoid hitting all the junk in the water. Not that I worry much, but besides the threat of running into logs, I think a lot about the mechanics. Hopefully, everything will work right. The engine is all serviced and very reliable but one load of bad fuel can really wreak havoc on things. I've got a "kicker" 9.9 hp trolling motor that would keep us off the rocks but I'd FREAK out if I lost the main engine. There are a lot of systems to keep running: the engine, the kicker motor, the generator, the dinghy engine, the plumbing system and all it's pumps, the electrical systems and all it's switches, breakers, fuses, and a bunch of other stuff I have no clue about, the navigation systems. Then, there's fuel planning, which route to take, where to find safe anchorages, customs, etc. to think about and deal with. Am I ready? What am I missing? Can we do this? Will everyone get along? 4 people, two dogs, potential weeks of rain, yikes. That's what I love about life. Adventure! Let's go!