Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, Sitka, AK –

Crabs! We caught three very large males and a couple of really nice shrimp yesterday up in DeGroff Bay! Yes! We have to pass through here again on our way out of Sitka so Connor and I reloaded the traps and set them back down again. I just can’t get enough fresh crab. We also collected a nice bucket of clams and are going to try our hand making clam chowder…another first. We got to Sitka in the early afternoon and filled with fuel and water. $2.23 per gallon for diesel, the best price yet! I’m glad we’re doing this trip this year instead of last year. We got our slip assignment and settled in. We haven’t seen a shore power chord for about a week and a half, so it was nice to turn the freezer on full-tilt, charge up all the batteries including cameras, toothbrushes, etc., and not worry about leaving lights on, etc. We walked through town hitting some of the little shops. Val says this is her favorite Alaska town so far and I agree with her. The cruise ships stop here so there’s lots of activity. The dogs love all the attention from the tourists who give them plenty of lovin.’ The store owners frequently have doggie biscuits which the pups are happy to perform for. Cody was craving Chinese so we went to Kenny’s (didn’t know that was a Chinese name) and had a great meal. Then, it was back to the boat for devotions and poker. That darn Cody won again!
This morning, I worked the phone and e-mail while the family slept in. Now, we’re going to go get some groceries, fishing supplies (for the fish we can’t catch), and maybe a Subway…I have never been so excited for a Subway! Have a great day!