Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 22, Craig to Ketchikan –

Well, it really feels like we’re on our way back home now. We’re back in Ketchikan again. We picked up our mail and got caught up with communications this afternoon. After we left Craig Monday mid-afternoon, we ran about 80 miles to a beautiful anchorage in Gardner Cove and got settled in about 6:30 or so. We had nice, flat seas the whole way and this was a big crossing. A month ago, I’d have been freaked out about it but we’re gaining confidence and trust in our vessel. We still pray a lot, though!! Val, Connor, the dogs, and I went for a dinghy exploration while Cody stayed on the boat and worked on his schooling. The shores here are weather beaten and rugged with high rocky shores. Connor took the dogs rock climbing while Val and I watched from the dinghy. Tanner decided it was time to swim. Soon, Connor was playing fetch with him and Tanner was jumping off of 15’ cliffs! That dog is totally fearsome or stupid, I’m not sure which. He wouldn’t flinch for a second if he had to jump off a high diving board. He jumped about half a dozen times and we all laughed so hard at him. Crazy dog. (Click on the video.)

We had another big crossing through Clarence Straight this morning. We got going by 8AM to beat the expected north winds. It was only a 30 mile run. Everything was fine and we were near Ketchikan by a little after 9AM. We stopped to fish for a bit and caught a King Salmon.

This afternoon, we did our chores, got our fish shipped home, and we should be ready for our last side trip starting tomorrow. We’re planning to cruise the Behm Canal, circumnavigating Revillagigedo Island, the island that Ketchikan is on. Then, it’s back to Prince Rupert, BC and further south.

So, our next update may not be for a while. Hope you’re all having a great summer!