Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 8- Monday, Aug. 20, 2012 - Winter Harbour, Quatsino Sound

Day 8- Monday, August 20, 2012 - Winter Harbour, Quatsino Sound

The day went about like planned:  Connor in school, Val cleaning boat, me trying to find an Internet and cell signal.  I took off in the dinghy at 8AM to go three miles to Winter Harbour.  I did find an Internet signal and spent two hours getting updated and updating others.  There is no cell signal here however so I had to take the dinghy about four miles out into the sound until I found one.  So, I sat in the middle of the sound for an hour making calls in my dinghy….life at the office.

Back at the boat anchored in Browning Inlet, we ate our lunch and then set off in the dinghy to find the trail head to Grant Beach.  We had another quarter mile of bog to wade through and then what was supposed to be a thirty minute hike through the forest.  We got lost and it took an hour and a half until we popped out on the gorgeous beach and spent most of the afternoon there.
Hiking through the bog.  We all "biffed" it a couple times...even the dogs did face plants!
These trees are MASSIVE!
Yay!  We FINALLY made it!
I was so parched, I almost considered committing suicide by drinking ocean water when, in my bleariness, I spotted the only other family on the beach and he was drinking an ice cold beer.  I told Val to distract him and I’d knock him over the head and take his beer.  OK, that was a lie.  I did, however, approach him and plead my case and he gave us each a cold beer (except Connor) and wouldn’t take any payment whatsoever.  He saved my life!  These Canadians are so nice.
In dog years, Tanner is old enough to drink.
It was yet another gorgeous beach and a good time was had by all.
We more than halved our time hiking back to the boat.  I pulled the crab trap, nothing, while Val and Connor prepped for departure.  After the dinghy was stored, we pulled the anchor and set sail for Winter Harbour, but with a slight detour to where I know I could get a cell signal and check messages again.
Cruising into Winter Harbour, Val spotted a Momma Bear and her three cubs on the beach.
Winter Harbour is a quaint little village made up of mostly fishing charter companies and supporting services.  The Outpost is where we found water and tie up as well as laundry and basic supplies.  Val did laundry all evening while I worked on the boat some, made another loaf of fresh bread, and talked to fishermen for their tips and advice.
Val visits with the fisherman while waiting for the laundry machines to do their jobs.
Well, Val just got back to the boat and wants to have her turn at checking messages, Facebook, etc. so, with that, I’ll sign off and wish you all a good night!