Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 17- Wednesday, August 29, 2012- Santa Gertrudis Cove ( 49°36'6.48"N, 126°37'17.45"W)- A Whale Of A Good Day!

Day 17- Wednesday, August 29, 2012- Santa Gertrudis Cove (49°36'6.48"N, 126°37'17.45"W)- A Whale Of A Good Day!
Our plans were to be motoring by first light to teach those salmon we missed yesterday a lesson.  The alarm rang at 6AM and it was pouring rain.  Val and I both rolled over and slept until mid-morning!  I love the rain on the boat…so soothing and peaceful.  It rained hard on and off all night long again.  It was so pretty watching the showers come through our cozy little cove.  The furnace would cycle and keep us cozy and dry.
Val was busy in the galley, which is also the helm, saloon, and darn near berth on our little boat.  She had clams, oysters, mussels, rock fish, spices, and all kinds of other ingredients spread out like an Anthony’s Restaurant.  I couldn’t stand it any more and intruded on her space and made up some lovely oyster stew for lunch.  Connor opted for pancakes.
Early afternoon had us hauling in the anchor, pulling our crab pot, which only yielded a massive Sun Star (ugly, slimy thing) and our shrimp pot, which only yielded three star fish.  Not such a productive harvest today.
We decided to just cruise around Nootka Sound today.  There are lot of little islands and great coves to explore.
We were cruising through Ewin Inlet on Bligh Isalnd when we saw a whole group of sea lions and a couple whale feeding on pitchards, I think they are called.  Wow.  The channel was narrow and they were feasting right beside us!  We got some great video and few pictures that don’t do justice to the scene.  It was truly remarkable and we thank God for the extra special gift of being able to experience His unique creation in this way today.

Then, it was off to the Nootka Lighthouse and Yuquot Longhouse for a tour of both.  Ray met us at the dock and gave us instructions on what to do and see.  It was a fun stop.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Fortunately, the rain quite and brightened up quite a bit.

You’ll notice the blackberries.  They were EVERYWHERE- acres and acres of succulent, juicy, sweet blackberries.  We walked and ate and then we stopped and ate and then walked and ate some more.
Then, we motored just a few miles around the point and found the nicest little one or two boat cove called Santa Gertrudis Cove.  We love these secluded anchorages and have always been the only ones around.  We are seeing more sportfishing boats all the time.
Val made rock fish tacos for dinner and then Connor and the pups went off exploring in the dinghy while I prepped the boat for tomorrow and then set off on my own exploration in the kayak.

The skies broke and even got to see a full beautiful moon.  I’m glad, after three plus days of rain, that the weather seems to finally be stabilizing again as we plan to head a dozen or so miles off shore tomorrow to chase salmon and then work our way south of the Hesquit Peninsula, also known as Estevan Point.  We’re getting closer to Tofino, the next real town of any size.
Good night, friends.