Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Farewell For Now, Friends.

Wow!  The blog counter has jumped significantly since the whale incident last Friday with almost 1,000 hits in only a few days.  Thanks for all the feedback.  It’s great to share adventures and I just love hearing from other people about their stories and adventures.

I’m going to end this summer’s blog with a listing of a few of my favorite postings from our Vancouver Island circumnavigation as well as the Alaska trip.  So, if you haven’t been following my blog and just want to hit a few highlights (or lowlights), these are the pages I suggest you visit: -
This is the incident where we were on the beach watching in terror as a whale lunged up right in front of our boat with the anchor rode in his mouth and began hauling our boat out to sea.  There’s a few amazing pictures and an awesome video of the whole event. I think it’s been the most popular post of the blog so far. - Attacked by Wolves!  Saved by Pirates!  This is our true story about a pack of wolves that pursued us and we were saved by the most unlikeliest of heroes.  This story was published in Pacific Yachting Magazine and Passagemaker.  You’ve got to read it to believe it. - This is the story of a terribly sad drowning in Campbell River where I was first on the scene.  It’s actually a lowlight of the blog but interesting none-the-less.  I just spoke with the lead investigator yesterday and he assured me there’s no foul play involved.  That made me feel a lot better. - A 109 lb. halibut about rips my arm off but we emerge victorious.  A big fish story, indeed. - Wow!  What a beautiful stretch of God’s country. - An account of our amazing day exploring glaciers and experiencing a bear very close up. - One of my most favorite anchorages ever. - Misty fjord’s Punchbowl Cove…an amazing place.

Well, I hope there’s no more exciting and scary things to blog about this year as we’re only a couple of days away from ending our boating season.  Val’s folks are here so we might make the short trip to Victoria to spend a night or two and then maybe a couple of nights in the Gulf or San Juan Islands….pretty docile compared to Alaska or circumnavigating Vancouver Island.

I hope you’ll send me a note now and again and share your adventure stories with me.  It makes the off season more tolerable.  Take care and God bless.

Kent Huisken, Dakota Roamer