Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Days 8 & 9 - Ketchikan

A quick report...
Yesterday, I spent the day in my floating office all day doing business. We have good internet and U.S. cell service here so I made the most of it. Not a bad place to have an office. The boys and Mom checked out town, got the fish packed up, frozen, and shipped home, and picked up some things. We met another cruising family who has a boat just like ours called, "Living Water" so we hailed them on the radio, found out they were staying here in Ketchikan so we picked up a slip a few boats down. Rick, Tori, and their kids, Ellie, and Joel have a dog and love to boat and fish. We hit it off. They're also Christians and do evangelism basketball camps in the native villages. The boys stayed up late playing cards and eating fresh-baked cookies out of their oven. Mom and I enjoyed some peace and quiet!
Today, we fished for salmon in the morning. We caught two Kings but they were 24" instead of the required 28" so we threw them back. Later, we found out that this is a "terminal fishery," whatever that is, and we could have kept them! Rats.
The movie "Transformers" opens here tonight and the boys want to go. Can you believe it? Crazy! Val's doing laundry. I'm going fishing!
Ketchikan is nice but I'm anxious to get out of here and get into the wilderness in a quiet little cove again. I may not have internet again for a couple days but I'll update this again in Wrangell or St. Petersburg.