Friday, June 26, 2009

June 25-26, Ketchikan to Petersburg

Petersburg, Alaska, Friday, June 26-
Yesterday, we left Ketchikan and bucked a pretty good chop up through Clarence Strait; nothing the boat couldn’t handle, but we were taking 3-4 footers right on the port beam. At times, we had to slow down to 10-12 knots but we slopped our way up safe and sound. We passed by Anan Creek but the salmon weren’t running…we were hoping to watch the bears gorge themselves. We tried to pick up an anchor in Berg Bay, but we couldn’t get it to set after several attempts. Berg Bay is gorgeous with beautiful snowy mountains all around. Disappointed, we headed for the next cove called Madan Bay, which was well protected and our anchor grabbed hard the first attempt. Below is a picture of our anchorage...
I set the crab and shrimp traps while Val grilled steaks. The dogs went to shore for some exercise and necessary duties. It was such a beautiful sunset with the snowy mountains, intermittent sun and showers. The beauty here is breath-taking and just makes me want to sing praises to the Creator. This morning, we woke up to warm sunshine, a rarity so far this trip. It seems it rains for 20 minutes, a few rays of sun and then clouds up again to start the cycle all over again. The highs have been close to 60 degrees generally; all in all, nice sweatshirt weather. I thought I’d be wearing more shorts. We’re all going to look pretty white at the end of summer!
This morning, we had a lovely, after checking the traps and coming up empty, except for some creapy looking yucky things (see picture,) we enjoyed a flat cruise to Wrangell, where we stopped to check out the town and for some fish and chips. The Stikine River delta turned the water muddy brown and it was almost like a line in the water. That was kind of freaky after driving through amazingly clean water. After lunch, we set sail for Petersburg, traversing the Wrangell Narrows. Then we took on some fuel and water in Petersburg, picked up some ice for the fish I hope to catch and Val got some groceries. We’re hoping to wait out a blow in Thomas Bay in Frederick Sound for a couple of days. I’m ready to get lazy, sleep in, go hiking, etc. Val’s Dad and I were here a number of years ago in 15’ Lund fishing boat, a harrowing experience to say the least. I feel a lot more comfortable in our “Dakota Roamer.”
So, we may not have an update for a couple more days again. Hoping this finds you all well. Send me an e-mail update with what’s new in your world!