Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saturday, July 04, Reid Glacier – Walking on Ice!

After a great night in Berg Bay, we pulled up the traps and headed out for Reid Glacier. We caught a dozen shrimp! Finally! It was another sunny, warm, calm day. We are all so thankful for this great weather after two weeks of clouds, rain, and fog. What a beautiful place to have it be nice! We can see all the mountains and glaciers so clearly. We’re all amazed at how close they look but take so long to get to….kind of like driving into the mountains, you know.
We stopped for a lunch break in Blue Mouse Cove and I polished off the rest of the crab. Early afternoon, we arrived at Reid Glacier and cruised up to the face. Reid Glacier technically is not a tidewater glacier as it stops right before the waterline. This made it easy to cruise up to the face without having to fight the ice flow. It also allowed us to walk the beach up to it.
After setting the hook and the traps, the boys went off exploring…Connor on the beach, Cody in the dinghy. Mom tidied up the cabin and I crashed on the back deck to soak in some rays! I could have snoozed right off but soon the boys were back and off we went to find some ice.
Cody experienced the highlight of his trip today…we got to climb a glacier. Cody climbed way, way up and came back with magnificent stories on how he slipped and slid up and down the ice. Val tried to follow but gave up quickly and came back with bruises and bloody hands…she fell a couple of times on the rough ice. Cody came back looking like a mud ball. Meanwhile, Connor and I were on a different adventure. We climbed a bit but then turned around and went to the face…we had rubber boots so we could get up nice and close. Relatively speaking, Reid is a smaller glacier but what makes it neat is that we could anchor right in front of it and go and play on it. Motoring into the bay, the boys didn’t think it was much of a glacier but once they walked on it, they were amazed how big it really was. Do you see Connor in the lower right portion of the picture below? It looks pretty big to me! It was another fun day ranked highly by all. Tomorrow we’re hoping to go to Lamplugh and Johns Hopkins Glacier. This is a pretty special place and we all feel so blessed to be here.