Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, North Sandy Cove: A “Beary” Good Day! –

The photo above was taken out our window while we're at anchor. It's so pretty here.
Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day. We didn’t go anywhere, slept in, kayaked, hiked beaches, fished, and generally, just relaxed.We were all sitting at the table playing cards when Val spotted a bear right on the beach near our boat. I think it was the same bear that crossed to that island in the morning. It studied us, studied the crossing, and then began to swim back across. Val, Connor, and I jumped in the dinghy and followed it to the other side. He didn’t seem to mind much. Cody was back at the boat with the dogs, so maybe that made him relax a bit. We watched him for about an hour. Just when he went around the corner, a bigger one popped out but he was too skittish and wouldn’t let us get very close. (See him in the piture below on the beach.)Today, we’re heading back to Barlett Cove. We’re out of water and I need to get back into communications. Wishing you all a great summer day!