Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 13- Lots Of Fishing....Not So Much Catching!

Day 13- Saturday, August 25, 2012, Lots Of Fishing....Not So Much Catching! Port Langford.
The alarm went off at 5:30AM this morning.  We’re on vacation!  What’s going on?  Oh, yea, the pursuit of fish!  Still dark…snoozed for 30 more minutes…bliss.  Coffee pot perkin’, dinghy loaded, anchor stowed, a few snapshots of the sunrise…looks a lot like the sunset, only blurrier (through my eyes, at least,) and we’re off to the killing fields, only 7 miles away on the outside edge of Esperanza Inlet.
We trolled for Kings for a couple of hours and were even joined by a couple of guide boats.  We’re getting closer to civilization.  The swells were mighty and impressive crashing into the islets all around us.  The fishing was not quite as impressive.  Val landed a 16 lb. halibut; not a big one, but enough for nine packages/meals.  The sun was warming and it was another beautiful day.  We tried another spot without much success; although I was pulling up Ling Cod as fast as I could get my jig in the water but none were legal size, but just barely.  It was a lot of fun.  Val snagged the bottom with her downrigger ball and lost the bottom end again..another $50 rig on the bottom of the ocean.

Connor slept all morning…Saturday: no school.  He only fishes when there’s catching to be done.  The quickest way for me to lose my fishing pole is when I catch a fish and Connor confiscates it!  Val continued to fish while I cleaned and vacuum packed the halibut and got it into the freezer right away…that’s fresh!
We found a nice anchorage just inside the outside, if that makes sense.

Connor and Val played Scrabble while the dogs and I took the dinghy around the bay exploring.
We were all full from our very late lunch (more fresh fish sandwiches) and munched on quality junk food all night during our poker game.
That’s my report and I’m sticking with it.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I can get an Internet signal and post some of these.  It’s still wild and remote out here.  We’re always the only boat in the anchorages and rarely see another soul around.  I don’t mind it a bit, although, I wish I could make my contacts and get my e-mails every day.  Have a good weekend, friends.