Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 14- Sunday, August 26, 2012- Tahsis, BC - Civilizataion?

Day 14- Sunday, August 26, Tahsis, BC – Civilization?
After another great night swaying gently on the hook, we woke refreshed and ready for the day.  We had our mini-church on the boat and then set off to admire more of God’s creation in the dinghy.  Connor found us a cave to explore.  As the surf was coming in, Val zigged at the same time the surf zagged and she took a monster wave over the bow and came out on the losing end.

We set sail (is that what a powerboat does) for Tahsis through the most beautiful fjord-looking mountain passes.  It was so pretty.  Ah, the poet in me has just been awakened, “we’re heading our asses through these narrow, beautiful passes on our way to Tahsis, where the gas is.”  That’s it.  It’s the best I got.
Tahsis!  Civilization at last.  Not only one, but two phone booths and the receivers are both in one piece without any duct tape!  Happiness.  Wifi on the covered deck.  A restaurant!  Bliss!  Fuel.  Water.  Ah, we’ve arrived.  Electric on the dock.  Oh, my.  Are we spoiled?  This is the first marina we stayed at since our horrible experience at Campbell River and the first time we’ve had shore power in a dozen days!  We even were served our meals today.

I spent most of the day on the phone and the computer, while Val did laundry, and Connor caught mackerel off the dock.  The front has passed and it’s raining and kicking up the sea.  I’m glad we’re here.  The current conditions on the outside is Gale Warning with 25-35 knot winds against the swell….not good.  We’re tucked in safe and sound deep into this “fjord” with all the modern services we could ask for, well, almost.
It’s supposed to blow hard tomorrow so I’ll finish all my business in the morning and then, weather permitting, we’ll start down the pass toward the outside finding a secure anchorage to stager our next crossing.  Hopefully, we’ll catch some crab and shrimp as I have the shrimp pot soaking right now.
We ran into a couple of great folks on the dock yesterday.  David and Trish Nelson gave us some great fishing tips and coordinates but unfortunately, the position is where we just came from.  It would appear the big fish and lots of them are at the continental shelf 12 miles out and, with the forecast, we won’t be going there anytime soon.  Dave said to tell Ron Meng hello.  So, Ron, if you’re reading this, I’ve done my job.
Connor also made friends with Gerry Freeman on the docks.  Gerry really got Connor going on the mackerel and I was still cleaning them at 10:30PM.  Gerry is a contagious, energetic Christian family man, who befriended us and taught us a lot about fishing in these waters and even gave us some tackle to really go nail them!  Dave is a guide, although, mostly his hobby and has a great reputation for always catching fish.
We all like it here.  Especially the dogs and Connor.  Connor gets energy from people and he's been starved of people lately.  The dogs love the casual freedom and can join us on the restaurant deck, along with half dozen other dogs.  They have free reighn and can come and go as they please.
I hope you are all doing well.  Send me a note!  Blessings, all!