Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 15- Monday, August 27, 2012 - Tahsis, Still.

Day 15- Monday, August 27, 2012- Tahsis, Still.
We’re still at the lovely West View Marina in Tahsis. The low pressure system has passed and the barometer is climbing again. The winds were gale force outside and it rained most of the morning. We made the most of it. Connor went fishing between his schooling. Val spent some time on her computer, baked cookies and bread, did a load of laundry and made another fabulous salmon dish for dinner. I spent over three and half hours in the little tiny Telus phone booth today and made about forty phone calls and an hour or so online but I am caught up and it feels great!
We also put some fuel in the boat at a hot, negotiated price of $1.41 per liter or $5.34 per gallon! Ouch. We pulled the shrimp trap to find seventy seven nice prawns waiting for us to eat them! It was a record pull for the big shrimp. Needless to say, we rebaited it and let it soak again tonight.

All day long, there were seals playing in the marina, a stellar sea lion on patrol occasionally, and even a humpback whale playing just outside the big log breakwater for over an hour. Not a bad office environment, I’d say.
We wrapped up the night like this: Connor is fishing again for more mackerel…we’ve got a lot! Val is playing Scrabble with her imaginary friend again, although the sure seem to be getting along…I see they each have a drink…hmmm. I tied salmon rigs and organized my tackle as it’s so hard to even stand up offshore much less try to tie a knot.
So, we’re up to date on our “necessary” communications, although, I miss chatting with some of my buds so you guys be sure to send me an e-mail! Our water tanks are full. Our fuel tanks, while not full, are just where I want them to be. Every battery on board is fully charged, including toothbrushes and cameras! Everything in the freezer is frozen solid (lots of mackerel.) We’re ready to head back out into the extreme wilderness again. (Don’t think this was a metropolis…it’s still pretty remote and primitive but nothing like the last two weeks.)