Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 21- Sunday, September 2, 2012- Barkley Sound- More Fishing, Less Catching.

Day 21- Sunday, September 2, 2012- Barkley Sound- More Fishing, Less Catching.
After check of the forecast this morning, I informed the crew that the wind is supposed to blow 25-35 knots starting this afternoon for the next four days.  Being we need to be back to Dolphin Cove (Orcas Island) in a week, Val and I decide we need to head to Barkley Sound today.  We hate to spend such a little bit of time here in the Tofino area but we’ll be back again, I’m sure.  Here are a few pictures of Tofino.

Weigh West Marina, Tofino.  Our shore power chord...finally.

We rig up our rods in advance and then set out for Barkley Sound with three fishing spots our guide friends suggest we try along the way.  The ocean was flat…about a 5’ long swell with no wind waves.  It’s the nicest we’ve ever had out here.  We fished all day and the wind never came up.  It was a gorgeous day.  The wind never came up at all.
Tanner and Connor enjoying peanut butter sandwhiches while Val and I fish.
We couldn’t keep the rock fish off our lines and couldn’t get the salmon or halibut to bite.  More fish but not the ones we want.  Val is really applying the pressure to find those fish!
Late in the afternoon, we finished our run into Barkley Sound.  It felt like coming home as we spent a month here last year (only the fishing was great then.)  We went to one of our favorite anchorages by Turret Island in the Broken Islands Group and the hook bit hard on first try.  Our position is 48 53'57.80N, 125 20'47.70W.  Plug it into Google Earth and find us if you can.  We now have 866 miles on our trip meter.

Val made some halibut and shrimp for dinner.  Connor worked on his Spanish.  I showered.  As you can see, Val snuck off a picture of me in the big bathroom.

It’s pretty “alone” out here but nothing like earlier in the trip.  We saw a lot more boats today, in fact, I’d say we saw more boats today than all the boats we’ve seen combined since we left Port Hardy.
The sunsets here are amazing.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.