Friday, September 7, 2012

Days 22 & 23-, Monday & Tuesday, September 3 &4- Ucluelet- It’s Good To Be Home???

Days 22 & 23-, Monday & Tuesday, September 3 &4- Ucluelet- It’s Good To Be Home???
A bit over a year ago, we spent a month in Barkley Sound.  We have many fond memories of this area.  After sleeping in Monday morning and having a leisurely lunch on board Dakota Roamer, we set off for the short nine mile run into Ulcuelet.  It was like coming back home.

Our slip for the next two days was in the small boat basin, next to the Canadian Princess Resort, which boasts a ship for its h.q.
Val started the laundry machines.  I dove into the Internet and cell phone.  Then we all went to the grocery store and hauled back a wheelbarrow full of goods.  Finally, a real supermarket with many flavors of Pringles!

The tuna fleet was coming into the marina as the big blow had begun offshore.  We’re glad to have a slip where it’s calm and protected and were thankful we made the run from Tofino when we did.  Reports were coming in that it was pretty bouncy out there.

We were all craving pizza so we walked back uptown, maybe a 10 minute walk, and filled our bellies.  We wandered around the seaside as the last of the light dwindled and found some neat little shops and an aquarium that we wanted to explore tomorrow.

It was a light day and I was ready for one.  It’s a lot of work to go boating.  I love to eat and don’t have much self-discipline but every time we go on an extended cruise, I eat all I can and still lose weight.  There’s always fun stuff, and not-so-fun stuff to do.  There’s always one more adventure to fit into the day.  It’s a great way to spend time but it’s a lot of work (er, fun) too.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we woke up to more tuna boats pouring in and rafting up together to squeeze everyone in.  I met Mark Wells, the captain of the Foremost.  I guess that would make him the Foremost Captain.  He’s different from the rest.  He’s not ruff and brash but a very nice family man.  His deck hand was equally nice.  I learned a lot about offshore fishing and got a tour of his boat.  I think I’d like to make a couple week offshore trip with these guys some time.  At the end of the day, we swapped some beef jerky for a 17 lb. flash frozen sushi grade tuna.  I was thrilled.
Then, it was off to the aquarium.  Along the walk, we came across the fish factory that was off-loading the tuna boats.  Connor and I stopped at the office and asked for a tour, but Ms. Personality rudely told us no way.  Just as well, too many adventures…not enough time. So, to the aquarium we went.  It had just opened and was done very nicely with all of the local fish species on display.  Val had to do everything in her power not to run back to the boat and grab her fishing pole.

The Wild Pacific Trail winds around the headlands of Tofino and what a great trail it was.  We spent several hours with our mouths hanging open from the drop dead gorgeous views…everyone of them was a calendar page and there were many, many very serious photographers capturing the views.  The warm sun and blue skies were competing with the wafts of fog blowing through.  Fortunately, the sun won as it typically does in the afternoon.  The swells smashing against the rocky coastline was thundering and very impressive…not a place you want to be in a boat!

After several miles of hiking, we were all pooped so Val whipped up a big bowl of wonderful spaghetti.  We indulged most of the night as Captain Mark and others popped in to chat.  It’s always great to visit with people on the docks (well, most people) and share big fish stories.  We slept pretty good but the fish bug was alive and well and we have an early morning planned.  So, I bid you all a good night.